Jersey Shore Express

So you don't have the whole summer, but want to be involved on an impactful mission trip with core leadership and ministry development?

Jersey Shore Express could be the answer: two weeks of ministry training and outreach.

Seaside Heights is the home of MTV's reality series “the Jersey Shore” and will be our home base for the two weeks.  Seaside Heights is the first major beach town south of New York City and a popular vacation and party destination. Every weekend this island town booms with thousands of college and high school students from the New York and Philly area who flood the street, boardwalk and beach. Ministry opportunities abound on this Island that also supports hundreds of young internationals who come to work every summer. Jersey Shore is a fun, full and spiritually challenging place to grow and be used by God.

We will also take the trip to New York City, with its endless opportunities for entertainment and ministry, so we can reach out to some of the 1 million students there.

 Experience a fast, memorable missions trip designed to develop you to lead and serve on your campus when you return.  We want you to grow closer to God, have authentic community, and be better able to make disciples for a lifetime. 

(To accomplish all this during a short summer mission, this summer we will not be getting jobs.)

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