East Asia (NC State & UNC-Chapel Hill)

Imagine how different your life might be if you grew up learning a worldview where there was no god, your only hope was your government, and your duty in life was to obtain enough financial security not only to provide for your immediate family but also your parents as well. 

This is the perspective with which East Asian university students enter college. Many of them have never even considered that God exists or what happens after they die. So many have never heard that their Creator loves them and wants them to know Him.

Can you picture it? Picture yourself sitting across from a new friend, over a bowl of steaming noodles, sharing that God created them uniquely and that Jesus died so they can know Him personally. What an incredible opportunity we have to intersect their life’s narrative and invite our new friends into relationship with the Living God. And our God is drawing East Asian students to Himself. They are hearing the Gospel and responding in faith! Mike Mehaffie might even say, “Aslan is on the move!” in this great country. Don’t you want to experience it too?

What would we be practically be doing for the six weeks, you might ask? 

We’ll dive into a new world by taking language and culture class. We’ll make new friends, invest in them deeply and give them a chance to respond to the Gospel. We’ll explore the beautiful city of 7 million nestled into green mountains and try the local cuisine. We’ll study the Word and grow together as a team. We get to be part of launching a movement on this campus and in this city for the Kingdom. And lastly, we’ll position ourselves to hear from the Lord and grow to love Him and the world He created in deeper and newer ways. 

For many years NC State, Meredith College, and UNC have sent students on mission to East Asia every year. More than a decade of people answering the call to East Asia! The Wolfpack and Tarheel legacies in this country are strong and we are hopeful that God continues to draw our hearts to pray for, give towards, and take the Gospel to East Asia. 

Would you pray about joining us this summer?  

Dates, details and cost are tentative and will be finalized in the spring.

Upon acceptance, please be prepared to pay a $150 deposit (it will go toward your support goal but is refundable if you raise over) within 72 hours to reserve your spot on the team. 

For more information, email us

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