StoryRunners - Bible Storying Experience - Spring Break

Do you love hearing a good story?  Jesus’ ability to connect a story to a person’s heart is one reason people flocked to hear his teaching.  Would you like to use Bible stories to communicate the story of Jesus to others?  Then join us for 5 days in Orlando, Florida!

During this workshop you:

·        Gain an understanding of oral Bible storying.

·        Develop new relationships in the body of Christ.

·        Connect with God as you engage with God’s word.

·        Use Bible stories during an afternoon outreach.

·        Develop an oral Bible, using a five-step method that ensures that the story is Biblically accurate, orally reproducible, naturally told, and appropriate to the culture.

·        Participate in a daily story group, during which you hear a story, learn a story, and discuss a story. 

·       Use Bible stories for outreach on a college campus. 

·        Hear how God is using oral Bible storying to tell His story to the unreached people groups of the world

·        Explore staff, intern, & volunteer opportunities that StoryRunners offers in direct field ministry & support roles.

·        Consider how to implement storying in your campus ministry, including a storytelling training and outreach by a StoryRunners staff on YOUR campus.


The $425 cost includes your lodging, meals, materials, coaching, and transportation between the airport and the conference center.  It does not include transportation to Orlando.


The Bible Storying Experience also requires an additional application available at


NOTE: The training is for people of all ages and backgrounds, not just college students.

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