Inner City: Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city on the east coast of Spain. With 1,600,000 inhabitants, this multicultural city is full of life and contains a variety of things to see and do. Take in the history of the Gothic Quarter, explore the artistic beauty of Sagrada Familia, walk with famous La Rambla, or enjoy the beach on the Mediterranean. As one of the most visited cities in the world, it sounds like the perfect destination, right?

In the midst of all the city has to offer, there are also huge needs. In Barcelona, there is an unemployment rate of 19.5 percent. The number of people living below the poverty threshold continues to grow, and at least 3,000 people are experiencing homelessness. In the midst of these hard situations, few know the hope of Christ - or even who Jesus is.

The Inner City: Barcelona summer mission will support the ongoing efforts of Agape+, a ministry who desires to see lives transformed by Jesus’ unconditional love as they work towards the full restoration of others. There are many different situations that prevent people from living with dignity and force them to feel secluded with few opportunities for change. On this mission, you will get to learn about reasons for poverty and get to serve at a variety of non-profit organizations. You’ll see how different groups are going about addressing these issues, and we will explore what social justice looks like from a Biblical perspective. Along with that, we will learn how to contextualize the gospel so people can see how Christ makes all the difference in our lives.


* Cost is an estimate. Your support goal will be finalized in February.

* Knowledge of Spanish is highly recommended but not required.

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