Epic Movement: Wildwood

It is our firm belief that God wants to use Asian American students to change the world. The Epic Movement exists to present Christ, beautiful and glorious, to the world and to change this world through Asian American students. The purpose of Epic Summer Missions is to equip Asian American students to fulfill that role.  
Epic Wildwood is held along the shores of Wildwood, New Jersey. You will gather with Asian American students from all over the U.S. to live and work together for a summer. You will get a summer job and learn to live out your faith in the context of work. You will reach out to the thousands of International students that visit and work in Wildwood each summer.    
You will be discipled in the Word. You will be trained to minister and you will be developed as a leader. You will experience all of this in the context of Epic's Asian American community, designed specifically to build Asian American leaders. Through the Epic Wildwood Summer Mission, you will come to see Christ as more beautiful and glorious...and you will learn how to make Him beautiful to a world that needs to know Him.  
Join us for a summer and let's change the world together.    

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