MK2MK College Internship

Internship Application:

Would you like to learn and serve with a team of MK college students? Be a part of mk2mk’s college internship!


This internship is hosted by mk2mk and focuses on ministry to missionary kids (MKs) through experiential leadership development. During the spring semester, prior to arriving in Orlando, you will be expected to complete a series of assignments to help prepare for our training month. 


Once you have arrived in Orlando, the first month will be spent in training that takes place primarily in a classroom setting. During this month, the focus is practical training, professional development, and building community. As you learn how to lead a summer mission successfully, you will also take time to dive deeper into your own story. Be aware that this month can be quite challenging as you are asked to step outside of your comfort zone.


After the initial training, interns will complete the practicum portion of the internship in one of two locations. Interns will serve either on summer mission for one month(?) with a focus on high school MKs or at XTrack, Cru’s cross-cultural training program for families moving overseas, with a focus on MKs of all ages.


We are passionate about empowering college-aged MKs to lead and care for younger MKs. The internship is modeled to foster a close community with fellow interns as they do life together and share experiences in life and ministry. The practicum portion of the internship will also grow and develop your leadership and professional skills as you are held to a high standard and asked to push yourself continually.


Once the internship is completed, interns graduate into what we call “associates” and are invited to volunteer with us in caring for MKs at conferences, care trips, and other venues. This provides interns with the opportunity to serve with us around the world for years to come.

The base cost of the summer internship is $3000 plus airfare to and from Orlando and airfare to and from your practicum location. If you’re part of the XTrack team, your base cost will be lower. Interns also raise additional support to receive a stipend of around $1,500. Read more about interns’ experiences and get more details about this internship at this link:

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