Brazil: Sao Paulo

Brazil is not only home to the greatest soccer on the planet, it’s also the wealthiest and most influential country in all of South America. Sao Paulo is the 4th largest city in the world and hosts the #1 ranked university on the continent.  College students from all over Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East come here to live and study.  When we partner with what God is doing in the lives of students on the campuses of Sao Paulo, the spiritual impact will not only change their lives but will expand far beyond the borders of Brazil to impact the nations.

“Sampa” (short for Sao Paulo) is a sprawling city full of friendly people, incredible diversity, and great spiritual need.  There are only a handful of Cru staff working in the city and on these campuses and they’re excited about the US sending them more! Portuguese and/or Spanish is helpful, but not necessary. 

On this mission, you will help to find students wanting to be used by God to share the gospel on their campus as well as share the gospel yourself with Brazilian students. 

This summer we are prepared with COVID contingency plans. We are confident that this summer will be able to serve God and the people of Sao Paulo in significant ways wherever God allows that to take place. We have plans to either be in Sao Paulo, another international location, or the US. We are planning on doing safe in-person and digital ministry as a component of this trip. 

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