StoryRunners: Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Spend 11 days camping and hiking with 21 college students in the Rocky Mountain National Park while you learn how to connect with people the way Jesus did ... through stories!

Do you love hearing a good story?  Jesus’ ability to connect a story to a person’s heart is one reason people flocked to hear his teaching.  Would you like to use Bible stories more effectively to communicate the story of Jesus to others?  

Spend the mornings and evenings engaging with God as you explore His Word through a set of Bible stories from the life of Christ.  In the afternoons, hit the trails and share the stories you’re learning with fellow hikers.  Enjoy campfires and s'mores at night under the stars.

You will experience using Bible stories in evangelism and discipleship, and you'll learn skills in leading small groups. You'll also hear about opportunities to join StoryRunners in our mission to bring God’s word to cultures with little or no Scripture.

We will be tent camping (no backpacking, just day hiking) in Rocky Mountain National Park. You don't have to be an athlete to participate, but you should be able to hike for a several hours in the mountains at high altitude. Hiking options include everything from an easy stroll around Bear Lake to the short-but-strenous hike to the top of Alpine Ridge (just over 12,000 feet) where the elk herds hang out or a long hike to crystal clear, boulder-strewn Sky Pond, just below the tree line.

We'll provide the tents and the campfires and the meals, but you'll need to bring your own sleeping bag, pillow, and camping pad. Shuttle service from Denver International Airport to the park is included, but the cost of transportation to Denver is additional.

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What are students saying?

God showed me I can share my faith!! He took away the fear of judgment and the fear of not being perfect at talking with people about Jesus.

-Sam, sophomore | Texas


This summer mission helped me take God out of my little Cru (ministry) box and learn ways to evangelize other than the typical ways I've done it back on campus.

-Micah, senior | Michigan


We really wanted to share stories, but, on the first day, we were scared of initiating conversations with people. Now, I am so fired up to do more outreach on my campus this year because I am equipped with these stories.

-Camille, sophomore | California


Evangelism has been hard for me, but I know I can tell a story.

-Noah, freshman  | Kentucky


This was the best 10 days of my life!


-Michaella, sophomore, | Texas

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