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Only at Walt Disney World do college students have the one-of-a-kind opportunity to spend a semester changing the world without ever leaving the United States!

Embark on a fall or spring semester-long adventure with Cru to see the gospel of Jesus Christ forever change lives, communities and nations around the world. Join us at WDW in building friendships with students from over 60 countries and launching groups that span cultures across the globe, all while gaining real-world experience interning with the Disney College Program.

You will have a full internship experience with the nationally recognized Disney College Program, living with other interns from around the world in WDW intern housing, taking college-accredited classes through Disney and getting paid to work at WDW. You will serve as a student leader for the Cru movement at WDW; receiving training and discipleship and helping to start, lead, and hand off international movements across WDW.

This semester experience is ideal for students desiring a level of leadership and ministry beyond a Cru summer project. Take a semester to reach the nations with the gospel, forever changing the world right from our own backyard!


When can I go?

This opportunity is offered during the spring semester only and lasts from January through May.

How do I get college credit?

As an intern with the Walt Disney World College Program, you’ll have the option to take accredited Disney Education Courses while working full-time at Walt Disney World. These courses are taught by Disney professionals and give participants a comprehensive, experiential-learning opportunity which will provide you an unparalleled enhancement to your academic and professional career. Many of the courses are recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE). It is also possible to get internship credits, depending on your major. Be sure to contact your college or university for information on eligibility for transfer credits.

Can you tell me more about the connection with Disney’s (WDW) College Program?

Cru’s Semester Internship at WDW is a partnership with the Walt Disney World College Program. The WDW College Program is one of the largest internship programs in the US (over 8,000 students a year), and it is immediately recognized on resumes with Fortune 500 companies. Interns on the program take part in a living, learning, and earning experience as they work full-time at WDW, live in Disney intern housing, and take accredited classes through Disney University that transfer back to most universities. The WDW College Program operates in conjunction with the WDW International Program, thus making it a truly international experience as participants live and work with college students from over 60 countries around the world.

Where will I live?

You’ll live in one of four housing complexes exclusively for Walt Disney World interns. Residents come from over 60 countries around the world, and over 500 campuses across the US. You’ll live with 1-6 other interns, some of whom may be international students, in a fully-furnished apartment. Transportation is provided to and from work, and to locations across the Walt Disney World Resort.

How much will this cost?

$300 – paid to Cru to cover the costs of resources and training for your development during the semester.

How do I apply?

Your application process for this Semester Internship at Walt Disney World begins with your Cru application. AFTER acceptance by Cru, you will be passed along to the Disney College Program application process. Begin your application now. For more information contact Kevin.Dennis@cru.org.

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