Brazil - Brasilia (OH)

Sponsored by Cru Ministries in OH

Brasília is the capital and the third largest city in Brazil. Built in the 1960's from the ground up, it is one of the most modern cities in the country. Brasília is home to several large universities as well as many influential residents from Brazil and abroad. Teams in this location will be responsible for helping to launch and sustain movements on multiple campuses in the city. Like most of Latin America, one finds a Roman Catholic heritage in much of Brazil. That said, the youngest generations in Brazil are distancing themselves from their religious roots, exploring relativism, secularism, and even new age spirituality. Brazilians typically believe themselves to be a very spiritual people; many cult religions are finding Brazilians to be very receptive. Brazilians seem to be hungry for authentic spirituality. The large majority of Brazilians do believe in God and esteem Jesus highly as a religious figure, though the younger generations typically avoid being a part of “organized religion”. It is typically not socially incorrect to speak about religion as Brazilians love to talk about just about anything. Brazilians have so many of the puzzle pieces to having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, but they need Christians to communicate and demonstrate the Gospel to them. For questions related to Brasilia or the ministry there, please contact

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