France - Paris

Sponsored by Open to All / Initiated by Cru in IA, MN, ND, SD, WI, KS, MO, NE

There are so many reasons to love this city and the people who live here. You'll find the students to be warm, inviting, and curious. You'll also find them to be busy, tired, and sometimes overwhelmed. We don't know what your thoughts might be about this city and its 625,000 students, but our hope is that you'll come for a year, and even longer, to experience it in a new and different way! That you'll see the incredible opportunities of the city, as well as the almost limitless needs. That you'll see this city in all its beauty, but also be stricken by its dark shadows. That you'll experience how powerful this city can be, yet be humbled by how powerless you can sometimes feel. Finally, that you'll see how much God is at work here, yet be touched by how few people know God in a personal way. Come join us as we reach this incredibly strategic city!

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