East Asia (Open to All / Initiated by IL, IN, and OH)

Sponsored by Cru Ministries in (IL, IN, and OH)

An East Asia International Internship. Easy? No. Beneficial? Beyond measure. Performance, success, and self-reliance have left many East Asian students’ hearts empty and seeking more. You can be the one to tell them that there is more! You will spend a year as a language student, becoming a cultural insider. As an American, students in East Asia will want to get to know you and practice speaking English with you. Invest one year of your life reaching college students from diverse people groups in a country which is currently responding to the gospel in extraordinary ways. As the ministry is re-launching, you will have many opportunities to share the gospel boldly with future leaders from this influential country. Walk by faith with God, bond with your team, learn from the culture, and minister to those who are poised to reach their own people groups! Please contact for more details.

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