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Italy has a rich spiritual history, however, its current reality has dramatically changed from the time of the early church. Despite the pronounced Catholic presence in Italy, less than 2% of Italians would say they have a personal relationship with God. Many are not able to see Jesus for who He is because of their negative feelings toward the institution of the church. However, students and other Italians still long for meaningful lives and are searching for hope. Students in Italy are bright, open and sincere, and ready to chat with you for hours about philosophical and even spiritual topics. However, many of them have obstacles obscuring their view of Jesus. There is a need for more people to come and share the gospel relationally, walking through the questions and barriers that students have while pointing them to the hope we have in Jesus. The Christian community in Italy is an amazing setting to grow in your love for Jesus. As an International Intern in Italy, you would join the vibrant, multi-cultural community of short and long-term Cru staff who are faithfully loving God and others. As you learn and grow in your personal faith, you will also see God’s redemptive plan unfolding. Italy has so much potential for ministry. With its glorious landscapes, stunning artwork, and exceptional educational institutions, it would be an incredibly rewarding place to invest a year or two as an International Intern.

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