East Asia: Delta Zone (Open to All/Initiated by Cru in AR, TX)

Sponsored by Initiated by Cru in AR, TX

In East Asia, there is a spiritual harvest happening that rivals the book of Acts, where missionaries are being raised up to reach the unreached world! Yet there are still millions who have never had a chance to even hear the gospel. God has blessed this region with a large amount of water resources which are utilized to produce energy giving electricity for light and heat to millions of people. Just as these waters are used to bring light, heat, and life to individuals, we believe God also uses this region to bring the blessing of the gospel to the souls of men. Our mission and vision is for this region to be gushing waters of blessing to East Asia and the world! But cultural pressures of material success and academic competition often leave East Asian students thirsting for something more. Making a choice to follow Christ really would change the trajectory of their life for eternity. You will have the unique opportunity to learn their language, be immersed in their culture, and help them to see that trusting Jesus gives them the living water, that which truly satisfies their thirsty souls. As these students trust in Christ, they are first generation believers who need a mentor to guide them in understanding God’s heart for them, and His desire to reach the nations. Come be a part of what God is doing in East Asia by reaching, building up, and sending out East Asians into all the world! Come help leave a spiritual legacy for generations to come!

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