Peru - Lima

Sponsored by Open to All / Initiated by Cru in IA, MN, ND, SD, WI

Join us in launching spiritual movements in Lima, Peru! As the capital of Peru, Lima is the bustling center for the country’s political, cultural, and financial spheres. The beautiful coastal city also boasts a unique mix of indigenous Incan culture, Spanish-colonial architecture, and a growing modern scene. Lima is home to the New World’s oldest institution of higher learning. Today, students from all over the country flock to study at one of its more than 50 universities. In fact, a third of the entire population of Peru lives within Lima’s metropolitan area; a total of over 9 million people! But despite the booming developments in Lima, Peru as a country is still plagued with issues like poverty, a vast income disparity, pollution, and a spiritually lost young generation. We believe the Lord has wonderful plans for the people he loves in Lima! The strategic nature of the city makes it ideal for the spread of the gospel, and we pray the Lord will use us towards seeing all of Peru joyfully know Jesus as their personal savior. Will you come with us?

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