Staff Profiles

Conversations: Meet Staff Member Marc Vergo

Marc Vergo

Network Engineer and PeopleSoft Architect

Work Experience:
4 years with Campus Crusade
Linux and Unix system administration
Cisco switch and router configuration
Working with state-of-the-art storage systems
Designing and implementing applications systems architecture
Administering databases with the world's leading technology from Oracle

What is your favorite part of your job?
My job has a lot of variety. I really enjoy the process of installing a server, from the time that it arrives to my office in a box to the time that it is up and running, hosting financial information for ministries around the world.

How does your job connect with the Great Commission?
The work that I do saves staff valuable time doing administrative tasks, which frees them up to spend more time sharing the gospel and building into students' lives. My work also includes supporting evangelistic websites that reach thousands with the Truth.

How did God call you to your position?
I participated in the Orlando Summer Project. It was on that project that I heard God specifically tell me, "I choose you, Marc, to do this (my current position)." I was in the process of working on my master's degree in network engineering at the time and knew that the Lord wanted me to use my skills for His glory.

Why is your job needed?
We need more people behind the scenes supporting our missionaries on the field. It is my goal to support our staff on the field with the skills that God has given me.

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