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Conversations: Meet Staff Member Lainey Green

Lainey Green

Student Life Staff Member in Australia

Lainey Green is currently transitioning from her position as Associate Campus Director at the University of Sydney to a new position at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. She has been a Campus Crusade for Christ staff member since 2003. Lainey earned her Bachelor's degree in Social Science with Psychology and Criminology at the University of Western Sydney.

How do you help build spiritual movements everywhere?
How I help is to not do ministry on campus with only the campus in mind. It is an amazing opportunity to reach people [around the world] because it is a very strategic place. A quarter to one-third of our college students are international students. They are the world come to us. We want to tell these students the hope that we have in Jesus and to see God work in their lives.

To improve your ministry, have you changed something in the last year?
We started mentoring people in pairs. It takes the emphasis off of me: If one person can't come, you still have something to do, or if you can't come, they can still meet together. It encourages them to be praying for each other. Particularly with some girls, it takes the focus off of them and their personal issues and it makes it more about God. It also meant [more time to spend with non-Christians in outreach and] not having an imbalanced week of only meeting with Christian students. 
What is your favorite ministry moment?
I met Anna, a first year student at the university, 2 years ago. I was able to tell her what I believed and why I believed it. She made a decision to really follow Jesus with her whole mind, heart, soul, and strength. It was like a switch flicked in her. She went from this person who was living pretty much for herself and struggling significantly to someone who loves God and has so much joy.
What is the biggest challenge in ministry you face right now?
I've been at the University of Sydney for 5 years, but now I'll be moving to the University of Queensland in Brisbane. I'll be leaving all of my family. I'm leaving my church that I love. It is a challenge, but at the same time, the more I hear about what's happening in the ministry there, I'm excited. I'm curious what God has in store for a campus that hasn't had any female staff members for 3 years and now in the next 6 months is going to get 3.

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