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Location: Onsite (Orlando, FL)

Pay: $14.47/hr. - Full Time

Cru has a long-standing history of being a pioneer in world Christian Missions. We are looking for the most talented individuals with a passion to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed to the nations.  Come use your God-given talents to help do this!

Our teams at Cru Headquarters are committed to praying for and with each other. Your faith isn’t just something apart from who you are it’s an integral part of you. Here at Cru, we want you to use your gifts to further the Kingdom each day. 

The Kind of Work You’ll Be Doing

  • Receive mail, sort by type of envelope and prepare for envelope opener machine.

  • Operate envelope opener machine, remove donations from opened envelopes, verify and match donations to designation, determine appropriate type of processing according to standardized procedures, and sort into appropriate batches.

  • Determine placement of donations through batching and sorting according to operation, scanner type (high-speed scanner or exception scanner), scan type and batch type.

  • Receive exception mail, route all mail that is not for Donation Services to its proper destination then assemble, open and hand sort exception mail; determining the final placement of those batches depending on type and scanner used.

  • Operate the NCR and Opex Imaging Remittance machines, selecting proper operation and batch type, scanning batches into the system, troubleshooting rejects, correcting jams and correcting errors.

  • Maintain the cleaning and the changing of the parts of the remittance and mail opening machines; log all maintenance and technical calls, meet with outside maintenance vendors concerning maintenance calls; and log solutions and resolutions to issues.

  • Prepare the processed batches for deposits in multiple operations by using the encoding feature on the remittance processing machines, running the necessary deposit reports ensuring that each portion balances, putting together the deposits bags in an orderly fashion taking account that all required batches, reports and slips are present.

  • Extract batch data information from the multiple imaging operations, running the upload in the donor system to import these batches in to the donor system, analyzing the error report produced by this upload and correcting any errors in these batches in the donor system referring to the images that are stored in the imaging software system.

  • Perform the Opex Form ID function, matching batches scanned down certain remittance processing machines with their corresponding batch number.

  • Perform the Fund Form ID function.  Each response device has a Form ID, by going in to our software, the form ID is selected so that our software can read the information pertaining to that form; i.e. designation number, donor number, motivation code and premium code.

  • Perform batch control process by entering image-only batch data into the donor system; assign a batch number using the standardized formula and distribute to designated area for keying.

  • Cashier and record batch totals using ten-key calculator and record the total number of items in each batch.

  • Maintain a written log of the image-only batches and verify data against data entered into the donor system to ensure that all batches are accounted for.

  • Research and resolve problems with individual donations or other mathematical or counting errors done by donors, staff or ministries.

  • Prepare cash deposits. Cash is removed from the safe, totaled, verified and signed off on as an accurate total. The deposit is prepared, a deposit bag created and cash batches are developed, cashiered and batch controlled to be keyed. The information for that deposit is then sent down for reporting to Financial Services.

Education and/or Experience

High school diploma or G.E.D. and at least twelve months of clerical experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience.


We offer a comprehensive benefits package.

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