Make the Move to MPDX®

We are committed to help you successfully move to MPDX! This website will guide you through the process.

MPDX provides high level security and privacy.

Our desire to protect our ministry partners’, their information and our ministry. Our partners have entrusted us with a great deal of personal information. As partners, it is our reponsibility to protect that information as well as our legal requirement to keep it secure.

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MPDX is the right tool for the job of MPD.

We’ve seen some creative spreadsheets, but none comes close to the power of MPDX. MPDX saves you precious time that could be used for developing deeper partnership opportunities. Our team has made MPDX available from any handheld device to keep you efficient, connected and fully secure.

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Make MPD personal and develop partners and finances

Moving to MPDX presents an unprecedented opportunity to improve our skills as missionaries. Most staff received training on an MPD tool when they first joined staff, however have few opportunities to learn new technology as it is released. This move to MPDX gives us the chance to train all staff in the same tools at the same time to increase our skills and effectiveness in MPD.

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MPDX is Cru’s sponsored, supported MPD tool.

Cru has been developing MPDX for the past five years. It has been created with heavy involvement from our users, refining and improving each step of the way with user testing, research and feedback. It is developed by Cru, supported by Cru and will continue to be for years to come.

MPDX is made by Cru staff for Cru staff. We have spent hundreds of hours on the ground with fellow staff in many different locations and situations. We have had thousands of email interactions with our users and use MPDX for our own MPD efforts. All of this has led to the creation of a tool that combines simplicity with power, helping you do the right things, with the right people, at the right time to develop your team of ministry partners.

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  • “This has SIGNIFICANTLY simplified my support raising and management of tasks! It is so nice to have a fast, simple, user-friendly system that also has an app for when I am on the go. With all of the modern integrations, it makes my life much simpler to manage. Typically, I am on the go with ministry, but this simple system allows me to easily pick up where I left off without feeling like I have to start at square one. I feel that this is currently the most important tool that our staff can be developing in and learning - it saves a significant amount of hours of ministry time and is a major key in mobilizing new and existing staff to be out in the field and reaching out to others. I am a huge fan of MPDx!”

    - Jarret Wall, AIA in Canada

  • “MPDX has helped me keep in contact with my ministry partners with greater ease than I have experienced with any other tool. I can see my info on any computer and share access with my spouse without moving files around. It is working on my MPD even when I am not, and sends me an email when there is something that needs my attention!”

    - Trent Schaller, Agape in France

  • “Since I have switched over to MPDx keeping track of my donors and my communications with them has been so much easier! Overall the system is awesome and it has helped me immensely. In ministry and raising funds there are a lot of people to remember and things to keep track of so having a system that can hold all the information I need in one place has been a great help. I now consider MPDx vital to my success in ministry partner development, I recommend it to all missionaries.”

    - Heather Stevenson, AIA

  • “There are no conceivable reasons why I wouldn't use MPDX. It is easy, user-friendly, accessible from anywhere, thorough and up-to-date with the latest information you could want.”

    - Kristen Hamm

  • “It is a must have tool and it is the best tool for the job! Not using MPDX for support raising is like trying to play golf without golf clubs... I can't tell you how much time it has saved me and how much it has helped me be an overall better steward of all that God is giving me from tracking the donations that come in, to connecting with ministry partners.”

    - Adam Nixon

Can I access MPDX on my mobile device?

MPDX currently has a mobile app that many people use and love. You can find it in the App Store or Google Play store. We are currently working with a top mobile app development company to create a full-featured mobile app. We are confident that this app will be a game changer in how MPD is done. It will allow you to focus on the most important MPD tasks weaved throughout your daily life. This app will be released before Cru 17.

Does all my information come over from TNT?

Yes. Task history, notes, contact information, appeals, it all comes over. TNT Groups are created as Tags in MPDX.

Can I use MPDX offline?

We are currently building a comprehensive offline mobile app to be released before Cru 17. This offline app will do all MPD tasks, activities, and information that you would want or need in an offline scenario. After researching with staff, we believe this will meet most offline needs.

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