MPDX Feature List

MPDX is built for people who raise support, by people that raise support. Raising support can be challenging. We’ve done our best to take as much of the busywork and guess work out of the process for you.


Import TNT contacts

Easily import all of your previously collected TNTConnect contacts.

Tag and filter

Add tags and filters to quickly narrow down your contacts. Tags and filters are completely customizable.

Import Google contacts

Import all of your Google contacts, or just ones you have placed in certain groups.

Merge contacts

Get an accurate count on your contacts by removing duplicates and merging families.

Organize contacts by tasks

Easily organize contacts by tasks, sort appointments by location and more!

Networks and Integrations

Add your Google account

Sync your Google calendar, gmail and contacts. Never update in two places again!

Prayletter sync

Sync with’s list of your contacts and their addresses and information. Whoever you put in MPDX will automatically feed to that list.

Mailchimp sync

MailChimp is a great way to send regular email updates or your email Prayer Letters. MPDX syncs with MailChimp so that you only have to keep your list up-to-date in one place.



Keep a birds-eye view on your overall commitment health. See your fulfilled and unfulfilled commitments, appointments, appeals, and more on our easy to read dashboard.

Track a goal or appeal

Use the appeal wizard for your end of the year ask or summer assignment appeals. Use it to track monthly or special gift support towards a specific goal.

Manual add

Keep all of your commitments in one place, easily add manual gifts when they occur.

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