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General Sessions

Sunday, July 23

Evening Session

Steve Sellers

Morning Session

Lena Fetisova

Saturday, July 22

Evening Session

Steve Douglass

Jennie Allen

Morning Session

Dr. Adam Sáenz

Eugene Cho

Friday, July 21

Evening Session

Adam Edgerly

Renee Begay

Thursday, July 20

Afternoon Session

Dr. Joyce Emery

Wednesday, July 19

Afternoon Session


Arman Ghamari

Josh Chen

Tuesday, July 18

Afternoon Session

Rich Pérez

Jenny Yang

Miroslav Volf

Morning Session

James “Jimmy” McGee III

Dr. Joyce Emery

Monday, July 17

Morning Session

Jake Abraham

Steve Sellers

Super Seminars

Saturday, July 22

Adam Edgerly - Going Deeper

Table 71: Partnering for the Impossible

Jesus, Wonder Woman, and Tupac

Wednesday, July 19

Josh Chen - The Language of Millennials

An Incomplete Gospel? Ethnicity, Power, Culture: Current Perspectives and Pathways Forward

Sam Allberry - Is God Anti-Gay? (staff sign-in required)

Tuesday, July 18

Rich Pérez - Bringing the Goodness and Peace of Jesus to our Communities

Jenny Yang - Welcoming the Stranger

Miroslav Volf - Exclusion and Embrace

James “Jimmy” McGee III - Impediments to Multiethnicity: Theology, History, and Race


46 Million People in Slavery Changes Everything

Authentic Transformation. What it is and How it Happens: The Apostle John’s Story & Yours

Becoming a Transformational Leader

Better Together: Part 1 – Overcoming Barriers to Unity

Better Together: Part 2 – Building Bridges to Unity

Chosen, Seated, and Included: Leading and Partnering from Our Identity in Christ

Create Community and Watch God Work!

Energize. Mobilize. Gospelize. Energizing the Church to Mobilize Youth to Gospelize Their World!

Global Missions: Reaching the World Together

Introduction to the Enneagram (and Why it's Awesome!)

Putting the “Inter” Back in Intercession: Partnering with God and People in Intercessory Prayer

Sexual Wholeness In A Pornified World

Traditional Publishing: How to Share Your Ministry Experience with a Wider Audience

When Grief and Ministry Collide

You Don't Have to Crawl Across Glass to Raise Funds for Your Ministry Idea


Kim Anthony Interview with FamilyLife

Matt Mikalatos Podcast