Winter Conference

Winter Conference

What’s the next step in your spiritual journey?

Gather with others who want to explore: life with God, life together, and a life of lasting impact.

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Apps & Tools

Apps & Tools

Cru has smartphone apps to help you connect the people you care about to God. Each app is unique so no matter the person or situation, one of these apps will help you share the love of Jesus anywhere you have your phone!

Share the #FallingPlates Video

Have you ever wanted to share the gospel with someone, but struggled to know how to start? We have developed a tool specifically for you.


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Our Ministries

What are you passionate about? Whether it's student life, athletics, family or another, we have a ministry for you!

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Check out our ministries, locations and different ways to engage in changing lives that include internships, mission trips, career opportunities and more!

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