Remember the fallen, remember to pray

May 25, 2015
타락 한 기억, 기억 (사진) 기도

This Memorial Day, as you remember those who have given their lives for our country, please pray for Cru Military. They work with those who serve in many areas of the military, both at home and abroad. Please pray for the following areas:

  • Cadets and Midshipmen (Valor) – Training tomorrow’s Christian military leaders (officers and enlisted) through a lifetime of continuing spiritual development serving at over 100 U.S. universities and military service academies.
  • Recruits (Basic Training) (Gateway) – Serving with the Chaplains, the Cru Military team provides a series of spiritual growth classes that present the gospel to the younger recruit audience. Recruits are given the opportunity each week to attend a worship service and religious education class of their choice.
  • International Community – Our training and resources help national leaders build active ministries that operate in their own countries. We train indigenous Christian military leaders across the world in over 25 countries in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia.
  • Families – Service members are serving all over the world, often in combat, and their families are also serving at home by keeping families together while they are separated by deployments. Cru Military provides spiritual resources, devotional websites, military marriage seminars, small groups and church-based ministries worldwide.
  • Resources – 2.4 million Bibles and 2.5 million Rapid Deployment Kits (RDKs) have been distributed. All spiritual materials address the unique needs of our military members including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
  • Rapid Response Center (RRC) – This is the nerve center, the heart and the operations center for ministry to our military. It is the prayer ministry, and it provides timely and accurate responses to all requests coming in to the ministry via phone or email.
  • Internet Outreach (Online) – Cru Military is now fulfilling the Great Commission via the Internet. Partnering with Global Media Outreach, we have evangelistic websites for members of all branches of service. Each site presents the gospel and allows visitors to express their decision to accept Christ.

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