United Kingdom

London Calling

Staff members help two brothers learn about Jesus.

Emilie Vinson


“Do you have Skype?” Cru staff member Matt Guilford typed in the chat window on his computer. “Yes,” came the reply, from two brothers in London.

Searching the Internet for answers to their spiritual questions, they found everystudent.com, a Cru website designed as a safe place for unbelievers to ask questions about God.

During their typed conversation, Matt told Jesus’ story, and the brothers chose to begin a relationship with Him. They explained that they were businessmen, weary of their crooked business practices and considering selling their business entirely. This was when Matt asked to speak with them over Skype.

“The average person doesn’t have a successful company that already impacts thousands of people,” he said. “So if they could understand how they could see the Lord redeeming their business practices…” He trails off.

Matt introduced the brothers via email to Jon Horne, a Cru staff member in London. Jon first met the brothers face-to-face in June 2012. The three began reading through the Bible, and Jon introduced them to a marketplace ministry that helps businesses structure themselves in a Christian way. The brothers now use an aid organization they founded to help care for orphans around the world.

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