Unity Among European Countries Builds Foundation for Future

Cooperation among German-speaking countries provides framework for spiritual revival

Bill Sundstrom

"I long to see revival in Europe," says Hanspeter Nuesch, director of Cru in Switzerland, "and I believe God longs for this, too."

Several events have begun to create a sense of spiritual momentum in the German speaking lands of Europe, and perhaps lay the groundwork for revival. Several summers ago, 40,000 Swiss gathered to pray for their country at ChristusTag (Christ Day). There they caught the vision of taking responsibility to evangelize their communities.

The following fall, 40,000 Germans traveled to Berlin for JesusTag (Jesus Day).

And over New Year's, Cru gathered 10,000 people for an Explo event, billed as "A conference for contagious Christianity."  They encountered dozens of seminars teaching them how to take responsibility in practical ways.

One result of these events is that in Switzerland, at least, the media is beginning to see evangelicals less as a cult and more as a legitimate expression of Christian faith. Nearly everybody in the evangelical world attended, in many cases asking forgiveness of each other for bad attitudes or distrust.

Explo organizers chose the theme of "Forward Together," and invited Cru Germany and Agape Austria to participate as well.

"We are helping one another in the German world," says Hanspeter. "The German ministry, for example, is strong and well-organized. We are innovative and have a pioneer spirit. Together we can become stronger."

"It's a good idea to work together with all the German-speaking countries," agrees Duane Conrad, director of Cru in Germany. "The Germans and Swiss are very different peoples, with very different cultures. Working together gives us more synergy."

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