Alpha course revamps in Switzerland

Viviane Herzog May 22, 2015


The Alpha course has been an effective way to introduce people to the Christian faith around the world, and features teaching and open discussion about the basics of Christianity. After beginning in London in 1976, the course has been especially effective in Europe, and Alphalive is an approved ministry of Cru in Switzerland (Campus für Christus Schweiz).

As the mother church in London had given a new outfit to Alpha, Alphalive Switzerland also decided to renew its outfit.

Apart from the new logo, a new magazine, a completely new website and some new posters, flyers and training material, new videos on 16 seminar papers were created. Different teams of Campus für Christus Schweiz were busy by producing them last year.

Partnership With Local Pastors

In company with 3 local Christian congregations Alpha was produced 'live' during more than ten meetings and with a couple of cameras. Two of the pastors as well as Viviane Herzog from the Campus für Christus Schweiz team and its mission leader Andreas 'Boppi' Boppart were members of the team of speakers. These speakers were focusing the contents of Alphalive and completed their messages by personal experiences.

Not only the speakers team was working as a partnership. When Campus für Christus Schweiz had finished the stage setting as well as the whole video administration, we depended on the help of some volunteers for the video registrations.

That is how a new presentation for Alphalive was created thanks to the collaboration of several teams of Campus for Christ, two local pastors, volunteers and a professional graphical agency. “This intense collaboration was absolutely prosperous for the project. This is the typical way how we collaborate with Campus für Christus Schweiz,” Rachel Stoessel, Alphalive Switzerland leader said.

Successful All Over

The video speeches are the first speeches of Alphalive in German. It is especially joyful for us that Alpha Germany and Austria are interested in using speeches and parts of our publicity for their situation.

The new Alphalive papers enable the churches as well as private persons to perform the ten interactive meetings on the Christian faith with success. Therefore we hope that thousands of people will listen to the Good News about Jesus Christ – also thanks to the videos – in a local church or at somebody's home in a small group.

Thanks to a partnership collaboration videos in German language for Alphalive could be developed. They are the heart of the complete graphic renewal for Alphalive last year.

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