Couple Fulfills Dream of Mission Trip With Entire Family

Becky Hill

As Gail Prindiville grew increasingly sick, she and her husband, Terry, began to wonder if their dream would ever happen.

For Terry's 70th birthday, they wanted to give their children and grandchildren a gift-a trip to Russia.

Their dream wasn't just any trip, but a mission trip with Global Aid Network, the humanitarian arm of Cru. But as Gail's condition worsened, it was doubtful she would be able to go. She could barely walk a block, let alone fly to Russia.

She thought about her first trip to Russia in 1991 with Operation Carelift, an earlier version of the GAiN trips.

"The people were so hungry for what we were saying," Gail remembers. "We gave away Josh McDowell's book More Than a Carpenter, and people sat down right where they were to begin reading."

Over the years, Terry and Gail returned to Russia over a dozen times, most of them on mission trips, and they wanted their children and grandchildren to experience the culture and have a chance to tell the Russian people about Christ.

But when Gail got sick, they had to put plans on hold. Family, friends, church members, and even Josh McDowell (who is a family friend) prayed for Gail. In a few months she was much healthier, and they began to dream again about the trip.

By July, 17 family members were on a flight to Russia, ready to use their gifts to help the Russians understand the love of Christ. 

Aubrey, 17, performed ballet, and 10-year-old Matthew used his skills as a magician to entertain the kids.  

The Prindiville's dream of a legacy had become a reality.

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