Combating an 80% Divorce Rate

Elizabeth Bahe

Members of the Latvian army know that the rundown military facilities on base need rebuilding. Sadly, their relationships need the same attention -- 80 percent of all Latvian marriages end in divorce.

Thanks to the work of Raimonds Locs, chief chaplain of the army, and Drew Rush, Cru staff member, the much-needed marriage renovations began last September with the country's first Military Marriage Conference.

Twenty-five couples -- mainly officers -- spent a weekend in the Latvian countryside learning about God's plan for their marriages.

Tucked away in an old remodeled castle decorated with roses, several people indicated decisions to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, and 40 individuals recommitted their marriages to God and recommitted themselves to their spouse.

"It was the first conference of this type in my life," said Sgt. Ainis Smits. "It gave me a new plan of action for my marriage and family life. We could spend a whole weekend together. My wife appreciated that very much, because she knows the price of separation while sharing her life with a military person."

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