Albanian Creative Outreach Uses Josh McDowell Book

Students study More Than a Carpenter for 3 weeks, 34 students choose to follow Jesus.

Hayley Newsom

If only they knew the facts about Christ, then they might be more likely to believe, thought Nikolin Dodaj, who leads campus ministry in Albania.

Many students had attended Cru events in the capital city of Tirane and participated, but they still hadn’t placed their faith in Christ.

Having read Josh McDowell’s More Than a Carpenter, Nikolin believed that God would use the evidence in the book to move students’ hearts to believe in Him.

But how would he get them to read it? 

So Nikolin offered a series of workshops on a study skill: how to find the main idea in a text. He chose Josh’s book for the workshops, attracting students who were spiritually curious. And he made it a contest in which students competed for a prize.

The final result: Among 140 students who participated, the Christians developed confidence discussing Jesus with their friends, and 34 students indicated decisions to become Christians.

Read Adenil Pjetri’s experience, as one of the Christian students who gained confidence talking about God.

Read how they did it and how you might use the idea and tweak for reaching out where you are.

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