New Zealand

Are You Connected?

Becky Hill

Are you connected? The orange display attracted Joe, a Chinese international student at Massey University in New Zealand. He filled out a card about wanting to learn to study more effectively.

So Cru staff member Karl Udy met with Joe and gave him a free Are You Connected? magazine. They talked about grades, using one of the articles as a basis for the discussion. Then they talked about connecting with God.

Although Joe didn't know much about Christianity, he wanted to learn. The next week, Karl met with him to begin a Bible study about Jesus. After the session, Joe prayed with Karl and received Christ as his Savior.

"Joe could see that the Bible wasn't just made-up stories," says Karl. "It was true!"

Dozens of other students at Joe's campus accepted Christ because of the Are You Connected? magazine and a related Web site, despite there being only 3 part-time staff members at Massey University.

All over New Zealand, students are receiving Jesus Christ because of the "Connected" outreach, and many of them stay connected with their local Cru group.

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