Short films that shock and change the lives of islanders

Pacific islanders are very friendly but are not always forthcoming, especially when speaking to strangers. Having campus evangelism tools such as … tablets with short films can be a major advantage,” shared Maseikula, a Bible study leader at the University of the South Pacific (USP) in Suva, Fiji.

Short films produced by the Global Short Film Network (GSFN) have an underlying biblical theme and provide a bridge to discussions, especially through the follow-up questions that are included.

Sione, a Fijian student at USP, understood the power of the gospel after watching the film My Last Day. Sione shared, “The film...shocked me, and although I had heard the story of...Jesus, it really shook me. Can you please tell me more about Him and what I must do?”  As a result of that encounter, Sione prayed to receive Christ and joined a discipleship group.

Some students at USP hope to produce their own short films to speak directly to the worldview of Pacific Islanders. Biu, one of those students, received training from GSFN for this goal. Biu shared his passion for this project: “Doing a short film solely focused on a theme that will reach the heart of students here could have a great impact!

Go to Global Short Film Network and find a film to share with a friend. 

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