Surfers and Souls

Becky Hill

Tough questions on the beach help one lifeguard point others to the Savior.

Terry Legg is a 62-year-old Australian lifeguard.

He works hard to keep up with the younger rescuers, and he works even harder to tell them about Jesus. Terry and his wife, Maureen, are staff members with Athletes in Action, Cru's sports ministry.

In Australia, lifeguards patrol the beaches as part of surf clubs. The clubs set the requirements and assign the schedules, but all the guards volunteer their time.

Terry serves as chaplain of his surf club, and must also pass regular physicals.  He walks the beaches scanning for swimmers in distress, and talks with other lifeguards whose souls are in distress.

While Terry was on patrol with 16-year-old Samantha, she said, "How could an intelligent person like you believe in God?"

"What do you believe?" Terry replied.

"I believe in evolution," Samantha responded. "Survival of the fittest."

"Then why do you rescue people?" Terry asked. "How can you say you believe in survival of the fittest when you're a lifeguard?  Do you honestly believe that because those people are drowning that they don't deserve to live?"

Samantha's expression changed as she realized the flaw in her thinking.

"I've got about 40 different conversations going," says Terry.  Some have prayed and received Christ; some are just beginning to ask questions.

Terry spends his life rescuing -- as a lifeguard and as a Christian.

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