French Backpacker Changes Directions

A backpacker learns about Christ in Australia

Keryn with Tez Brooks

“You know what?” said Giselle. “I think we were meant to meet, that God made it happen!”

A team of Cru missionaries had been staying at a hostel on the edge of Lorne, a summer hotspot in Victoria, Australia.

The strategy was to reach out to high school seniors on the beach, but during their stay they inadvertently connected with a number of the backpackers at the hostel. Giselle, a French woman, was one of them.

One night she began sharing about a recent romantic break-up. At the close of her sad tale she asked rather hopelessly if the missionaries had any advice.

Keryn, one of the team members, said, “Well, I’m a Christian, so I’ll share what I found in the Bible if that’s okay.”

“Sure, I guess so,” Giselle shrugged.

As Keryn talked with her, Giselle realized she had made a mess of her life and really needed God.

That night she prayed to receive Christ, and wanted to change how she had been living.

“If you had told me these things two weeks ago, I would not have listened. I think God prepared me to meet you at the right time,” she said. 

Keryn continued to email Giselle and learned she had been attending church. 

Each year Cru missionaries and volunteers from around the globe flood the beaches and many other popular locations to explain the gospel to those they meet.

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