A Need for a Change

Women in Taiwan discover a reason to alter their approach

Jennifer Abegg Grant

The women were confused.

Every time the Cru's women's ministry held a large evangelistic luncheon, about 200 women would indicate that they had received Christ.

However, only a few returned to learn more.

So May Lee, the director, changed their strategy. She determined to have each small group Bible study host its own small outreaches.

One Bible study member, Meng-Chun Chen, had accepted Christ through Cru in Taiwan 9 years ago. "Her life was totally changed, and she is one of the key leaders in the movement," says May.

Meng-Chun leads 2 Bible study groups, and the women involved in her group are also leading groups. Each Bible study began hosting small outreaches for friends or neighbors.

Now, all the women from 40 different small groups, including Meng-Chun's, gather twice a year. Rather than it being an evangelistic event, they delight in the large number of women.

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