Statistics for Outreach Across Mongolia

Chris Lawrence

Mongolia Cru registered officially with the government in 1998 -- a big step, considering religious freedom was only established in the early 1990s. In 2004 MCCC had 35 staff members serving in 9 different ministries:

Jesus Film Project® | Over 60 percent of the population has seen the film, according to Floyd Sebald, MCCC director.

Campus | The 12 staff members focus on students in Ulaanbaatar, where most of Mongolia's colleges are based.

Centurions | One year of military service is required for all Mongolian males age 18 to 25. In partnership with the Association of Military Christian Fellowship, Centurions provides the Future Leaders Club at the military academy to train cadets in a variety of areas, including leadership skills. Jesus is one leader they study.

Teachers | In Mongolia, educators are revered. "Everyone has a teacher," goes the Mongolian axiom. Currently there are over 200 teachers involved.

Executive | With Mongolia now a market economy, there has been a boom of Mongolians entering the business world. MCCC offers seminars and training on sound, ethical business practices in the name of Christ.

ChurchLIFE | MCCC has worked with at least 50 different churches.

Young Life partnership | Half the population of Mongolia is 18 and under. Through a partnership with Young Life, an American youth organization, MCCC introduces high-school students to Jesus Christ.

Athletes in Action | Mongolians love sports, especially wrestling. Every year AIA sponsors the top national youth wrestling tournament with John Peterson, an Olympic champion and Cru staff member.

Television | MCCC started Zev Media to provide creative evangelistic programming for television.

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