General Returns to Love, New Life

Howard Hardegree

Suntek Si, a Cambodian army general, left home when his wife, Say Ha, became a Christian. He could not imagine life outside Buddhism, and chose it over his marriage.

It was not because the marriage lacked strength. They had survived awful circumstances. Suntek had been a colonel when the Khmer Rouge brutally swept into power. He fled to America, but Say stayed, trapped in a country famous for its killing fields. Ten years later, Suntek returned to work with the Cambodian army -- and to find Say.

Then a team with Cru's Executive Ministries arrived in Phnom Penh with a group of American businessmen and their wives. They hosted dinners as a way of meeting Cambodian business people and other leaders, and of delivering the gospel.

Say responded to an invitation to meet the American women. She heard about Jesus and received Christ. That's when Suntek left. But not for long. Independently of Say, three months later, Suntek attended an outreach and sat next to South Carolina businessman Ron Terry.

After Suntek heard the gospel message, which offered him secure salvation in an insecure land, he joined Say as a follower of Christ. Suntek now attends seminary, and he and Say make regular treks into rural Cambodia delivering Bibles and the gospel.

Ron has made seven overseas trips in seven years and says, "I go back because I am making a difference." Suntek and Say would agree.

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