Cambodian Lawyer Now Believes

Ham Phea used to only believe in himself before hearing businesspeople talk about Jesus.

Becky Hill

"No one was becoming lawyers,” Ham Phea remembers.

The Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Phnom Penh had put all new applicants on hold, yet Ham didn’t even have money to apply.

“I believed only in myself and just felt exhausted,” he says.

Then he attended a dinner where American executives told about their experiences of being Christians in a professional environment. They told the Cambodian business men and women how to have a personal relationship with Christ.

Ham had heard about Jesus from his Christian grandmother, but he’d never understood completely. That day, it started to make sense.

“I got [one of the American’s] business cards, and I said, ‘I believe what you said, but I want to know more.’”

They connected him with the local Cru staff members.

“They taught me how to study Scripture, worship in church and they always encouraged me to pray,” he says.

He prayed about becoming a lawyer. Within a year, Ham was accepted and got the money to pay for the exam. That day, he was one of only three people to pass.

He is now an attorney for Chun Vinita Law Office, and no longer believes only in himself, but he trusts God for guidance. “Many clients trust me, because I do what I promise,” he says.

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