Making the Band

Brazilian staff member combines love of music and ministry

Sarah Martin

Already a professional musician recording soundtracks for videos and movies, Janiê Sucupira wanted something more.
She dreamt of combining her love of music with her desire for others to know about God. But the native Brazilian didn't think others would approve of using secular music to do it.

At church, Janiê met an American missionary and learned about Keynote, the music ministry of Cru. She decided to participate in a summer project where bands combined familiar music with personal stories about accepting Christ.

"God brought me there to show me that this strategy already exists," Janiê said. "I was so happy because I found something that I really enjoyed doing."

Still intimidated by the prospect of full-time ministry, Janiê found inspiration while playing her guitar and wrote these words in both English and Portuguese:

If You are calling me, how can I run away?
God, help me to do this because I love You.
It's my pleasure to be in the center of Your will.

A year later, Janiê became a staff member with Cru and soon launched Brasil Música e Missão, the Keynote ministry in Brazil.

Now, along with 3 other staff members, BMM hosts a Brazilian summer project each January, like the one Janiê attended. The 2008 project saw 165 people indicate decisions to receive Christ.

For Janiê, it's a dream come true.

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