Pressing On

Just 5 years ago, there were less than 50 Christian students who gathered regularly at an University in Uganda where most of the students are from another religion. They lived in fear of the administration which promoted the predominant religion’s organizations and subtly persecuted Christians. But one ministry leader at this college, Daniel, was trained during his undergraduate work at another campus. His mentor helped him create a vision for how he might influence other believers to trust God to reach their campus. They began to share their faith, host gatherings where students could hear the Gospel, and create a community that cared for one another. The group began to multiply--up to 600 students! They even invited a university administrator to one of their meetings. Afterwards, he said, "Today I see the best students of this campus sitting in this chapel. Is this what your Jesus can do? In that case, from now on, you have my full support to practice your religion on this campus freely.”


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