Working for a Weeklong Faith

Jessica Cline

Like many others in Ghana, Nelson Ahitaku thought he knew what it meant to be Christian. Over 60 percent of the inhabitants of this West African nation consider themselves Christian.

"The reality in Ghana is that many people do not understand the Christian life," says Nelson. "They come into the churches, they sing and shout, they get so excited on Sundays."

But the passion ends there. Over the years, Christianity's mix with traditional African worldviews and practices left only a skeleton of Christianity -- one often devoid of salvation by God's grace alone.

Although Nelson attended church and a Cru Bible study as a university student, it took a lucid Christian radio program to transform his indifference to genuine faith.

"As I went back through the Bible-study material, I understood the how-to's of the Christian life," says Nelson.

Desperately wanting others to understand that the Christian life was to be lived more than just on Sundays, Nelson plunged into ministry. He started a Cru work at his university and today works full time with Cru.

Nelson focuses mostly on the basics of Christianity, evangelism and discipleship, with the hope that no student will miss God's grace. "When they complete school, they become leaders in the workplace and can have great influence," he says. He hopes to see more Ghanaians worshiping on Sundays-and the rest of the week as well.

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