Ophthalmologist-to-be Brings Spiritual Sight

Angie Bring
Photo by Guy Gerrard

While the crew at the projectors changed the reel to continue the JESUS film showing, Seabelo Maje looked at the sea of 500 faces before him. Young children, dressed in colorful jackets and pants for a cold winter evening outside, were excited to watch a movie on a big screen. Most of the movie watchers, however, were young teenagers, clustered in groups.

Just as another college student did before him, Seabelo began to tell a short version of how he met Jesus. He'd told about his spiritual journey one-to-one before, but never to a group this size.

"The confidence I had to speak came from realizing I had something valuable to share," says the ophthalmologist-to-be.

So Seabelo, 11 other students, and one staff member involved in Cru at the University of Botswana traveled to the town of Maun for a mission trip. Though 620 miles away, JESUS film team members invited them to help.

In the end, the trip directly affected 720 people, all who indicated decisions to trust in Jesus. Seabelo understood how God could dramatically use him just by telling others his personal story. 

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