Looking for a way to volunteer in your community? We can help!

For small groups or families, volunteer to fill Boxes of Love® on November 18th!
Fill out our online form.

Also, if you would personally like to make a Box of Love® and donate it to the ministry, please contact for the supply list.

Over the years we have developed a network of churches and ministries that serve on the front lines in their communities. Over coffee, we'd love to hear about your passion and how you would like to invest in our city. Then, based on your geographical location, interests, and skill set, we can connect you to various organizations and other grassroots movements that you can serve with.

Don't even know where to start? That's okay. We offer fully customizable workshops in the areas of evangelism, basic follow-up of new or young believers, serving the poor in ways that truly help, cross-cultural ministry, and strategy formation.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities or training, contact

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