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We are a member of the Light Up The City Taskforce.

The Light up the City network was formed through the collaboration of Seattle region Christian leaders whose desire was to serve their city in the love of Jesus.

These leaders are responding to a movement which seems to be sweeping the region. Churches around the Northwest have been finding their way into fellowship with one another across denominational boundaries in their respective cities and forming city-focused church networks.

In the greater Seattle region, over 25 of these networks in 25 different cities (from Edmonds to Enumclaw) are beginning to become aware of each other and discovering a shared, sense of mission for their city as well as the Seattle region.

These 25 networks representing hundreds of congregations gathered for the first time on May 31, 2013, at which it was determined a smaller group was needed to help discern where this city-focused "network of networks" could go. The Light up the City Taskforce was organized and has been meeting monthly discerning the network’s purpose and primary foci.

The Purpose Statement the taskforce developed for the Light up the City network is:

Connecting networks of local efforts to transform the Seattle region through the love of Jesus Christ.

We feel this expresses our desire to serve Seattle in the love of Jesus Christ but doing so primary through connecting to and collaboration with one another.

The taskforce also landed on three primary focuses: prayer, a network website, and organizing city leaders. Of the three, prayer is being given primacy. The taskforce felt the network would not be successful at transforming the Seattle region through its collective service if it did not first pray to know what was on God's heart and tap into God's love for Seattle.

So, this spring churches will be praying together for 40-days (April 30th to June 8th) for their city, asking, "What is God's Heart for our City?" This question will be personalized for each participating city, e.g., "What is God’s Heart for Burien?"

As new cities from the greater Seattle region (and even across the entire Northwest) join the movement, we are all expectant that God the Father will speak and reveal his heart for this city!

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