Inner City Seattle/Tacoma

About Us

Mission, Vision, and Values


Serving and mobilizing the Church to live out God's heart for the poor.


Kingdom citizens advancing the mission of Jesus for the well-being of the city.


  • Christ Centered – Start, stay and end with Christ in everything we do
  • City Focused – Called to the poor in the city
  • Church-Based Partnerships – Work with churches and ministries in healthy relationships
  • Wholistic – Transformation of the whole person
  • Biblical Justice and Mercy – Live out God’s heart for the poor and oppressed
  • Leadership Development – Invest in the growth and development of leaders
  • Diversity – Learn from and celebrate all ethnicities, cultures and classes
  • Equipping – Resourcing the body of Christ to do evangelism and discipleship
  • Transferable – Design resources and strategies that equip people to equip others
  • Pastors and Elders – We hold in high esteem pastors and elders in their God-given mandate to equip God’s people for ministry.
  • Youth in Community Development – Youth are not raised in programs but in communities. Communities cannot be transformed without its future leaders (youth) being developed. Youth Development and Community Development are in a symbiotic relationship.
  • Local Ownership – We value working with churches to see them take our values, strategies, and ideas and make them their own in order to best serve the needs in their ministry context.
  • Church Unity & Collaboration – We value seeing diverse churches and organizations working together in respected unity. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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