Options Together™ Bible Study is a small-group Bible study tool that is beautifully filmed and expertly crafted to highlight the God-given dignity and voice of every person captured on film. The in-depth biblical content will help the user engage with the Lord’s mandate to care for the poor in the context of relationships, ridding us of the old giver/receiver narrative.

Options Together can be used to launch missions-minded churches, parachurch organizations and individuals into our cities armed with the knowledge given by God’s Word and empowered with practical steps to engage in the sometimes difficult and complex environment of our inner cities. While there are hundreds of Bible studies on marriage and parenting, there are no video-based Bible study resources that will transport the user into America’s inner city and allow them to hear from the poor and experts alike.

While there is a desire to engage with those with few options in the church today,
there is a need for a deeper understanding of the biblical call to care for the most vulnerable around us.


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