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Compassion by Command

Compassion by Command® is an innovative study using both Scripture and a variety of resources on DVD.

The student and teacher study guides will help your church explore issues of poverty and discover biblical directives related to the poor. Effective in either a 7-week or 14-week format, Compassion by Command also offers practical steps to help your church make a difference in your community.

Great for Bible-study groups ... Sunday School classes ... a church series! The made-for-TV movie, God Bless the Child, starring Academy Award® nominee Mare Winningham, helps personalize the principles.

Scripture commands the church to have compassion for the poor — it is both a responsibility and a privilege. Compassion by Command will help you and your group grow in understanding and motivate you to impact your world ... one hurting person at a time.


A new version of Compassion by Command is on its way. It is called Options Together™ and details can be found here.

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