High School

Feeling like a nobody

Anastasia Spinola once walked the halls of high school feeling angry. High school is difficult enough, but for Anastasia she has the added challenge of being born with autism. Social situations are harder because of her condition. She felt convinced that she was a nobody.

She started attending Cru at her high school. It was there that Darrel Kilcup, a volunteer with Cru, saw in Anastasia a desire to learn about God.

Anastasia says “I was very uncomfortable telling people how I felt, because I felt that no one was there for me. But then I realized that God was there for me. And He’s been there for me since the day I was born.”

Through Darrel’s invite, Anastasia is connected to Cru and growing spiritually with the help of patient and loving Cru friends. She is also overcoming some of her struggles because of autism. Far from feeling like a nobody, she now sees she has great worth.

“God wouldn’t have created me if He didn’t have a purpose for me,” she says. Anastasia is living out her name, which means “reborn” or “resurrection”.

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