Missy (left) with Debbie Photo courtesy Mark McGoldrick

“Why Do They Keep Talking About Jesus?”

Missy Novak learned about a relationship with Christ through a neighborhood Bible study.

Jess Fong

Missy Novak didn’t actually believe in Jesus; she taught Sunday school for her resume. Likewise, she had the ulterior motive of making friends when she visited a Bible study at age 30.

The women in her neighborhood surprised her – they were nice, but strange. "Why do they keep talking about Jesus?" Missy thought. "I thought we weren’t supposed to talk about politics or religion, and all they were doing was talking about religion."

The leader, Debbie McGoldrick, a Cru staff member, visited Missy after she began attending Bible study. “She pulled out a pamphlet,” says Missy, “and I remember my heart sinking."

But she agreed to read through the evangelistic booklet called “Would You Like To Know God Personally?” and wondered, Maybe I don’t know God.

That day, Missy prayed and received Christ. “I didn’t know all the answers, but God met me in that place,” she says. Debbie met with her weekly after that, to study more of the Christian life together.

Since then, Missy and her family have moved to Colorado. Now 42, she leads a neighborhood Bible study of her own. Her husband, children, and women in her study have also indicated decisions for Christ, stirred by the distinct change in Missy’s life.

Want a neighborhood Bible Study, but don't know how to make it happen? We'll walk you through it!

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