Photos courtesy Jim Williams.

It's A Metamorphosis.

A partner ministry sees transformation in correctional facilities.

Cru Inner City

Jim Williams has a routine. He opens and closes every Holistic Hardware seminar through Blue Ridge Ministries the same: with prayer.

Blue Ridge Ministries, a partner of Cru based out of South Carolina, seeks to minister to men in correctional facilities by bringing them both the good news of Jesus Christ and practical tools of vision and responsibility. Vision for their lives, and responsibility for their future.

Using the Holistic Hardware curriculum, Jim, the founder of Blue Ridge Ministries, guides classes of 12 men through a journey of 12 weeks, to equip them for their reentry into the working world. "We've seen a real change," he says. "There are men who are getting out, working multiple jobs, buying houses. It's a metamorphosis."

Altogether, there are 10 tools Holistic Hardware reviews extensively, but the Bible, Jim says, remains their single most important tool. While eleven of the program's weeks are dedicated to equipping men with biblical principles, its final week is reserved for a presentation of the story of Jesus's life.

"The men need to know that when we tell them about these tools, they aren't things they can do in their own strength," says Jim.

In Jim's last graduating class, five men indicated that they received Christ. Five men who have undergone a profound metamorphosis on an eternal scale.

It's what Jim prays for every class, and what God is being faithful to deliver.

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