1. How was your devotional time last week? Share your recent personal devotional.

  2. Ask how they are doing at applying all aspects of the Spirit Filled Life this week.

  3. Are you praying for the campus?

  4. Review, remind and repeat key points from the KGP and the Big Six training. Ask if they’re sharing on campus each week at least once.

  5. Review the Satisfied booklet from last week or do next week if you ran out of time.

  6. Cover training on asking good questions in your Bible study. Only 7-9 good questions per study. Scale back the questions in the Community studies under Discovery, Training and Action Level. 

  7. Cover other timely campus Side Bar issues. Some of the Side Bar items could be setting up the weekly meetings, recruiting to conferences, retreats, and summer missions, advertising, gathering new contacts, big evangelistic events, parties/socials, finances and more. Sometimes answering certain questions could supplant your training for the week and that’s okay. There is also the potential for unforeseen circumstances of interpersonal conflicts or theological/denominational differences.

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